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Welcome to the official site of "Treanova

"Treanova" LTD - a dynamic company with a strong position in the Russian textile market. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of professionals with many years of successful experience in the textile business. Today "Treanova" - a major manufacturer and importer of fabrics for home textiles and clothing.

Treanova" - a reliable partner in textiles for anyone who wants to develop and prosper. Every month we produce up to 3 million meters of cotton fabrics. Production line of the company includes enterprises full cycle: raw material supply - spinning - weaving - finishing. We manufacture products based on its own production facilities, located in the Ivanovo region, which allows us to maintain a high volume production, quality control and work orders. Today the company has a broad product portfolio - we produce cotton fabrics of four groups:

  • fabrics for bed linen
  • toweling
  • and careless dress fabric
  • harsh and technical fabrics

Company "Treanova" aims to respond quickly to changing consumer preferences. That is why, in addition to their own production, we offer our clients and cotton blended fabrics from China, Pakistan and CIS countries. Currently we are working with the products of two directions:

  • fabrics for bed linen and home textile
  • and careless dress fabric

sales structure of the company consists of a central sales office in Ivanovo, as well as branches in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. We are actively working with more than 400 customers throughout Russia, as well as have a successful experience of cooperation with partners in the CIS and Europe.

In our work we follow the principles of the active cooperation of all departments of the company, teamwork and partnership with our customers. Effective management of key business processes allows us to find optimal solutions in assortment, pricing and service to our customers. We strive to offer you the best conditions for cooperation and to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships.